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Can what you eat help you fight disease | Immune System Boosters?

The foods you eat help your Immune system. Inflammation is a natural alert to fight invaders. But, if it goes on too long, it can hurt you and your ability to fight disease effectively. With colds and flu and COVID-19, your body system could use some help. Grab these foods as backup.

  • Seafood Provides Immune-Boosting Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Healthy Proteins Bolster Disease-Fighting White Blood Cells
  • Dark Chocolate Has Magnesium, Which May Strengthen Antibodies and Help Prevent Disease
  • Citrus and Leafy Greens Offer Immune-Supportive Vitamin C
  • Nuts and Seeds Bring Vitamin E, Selenium, and Magnesium
  • All Immunity Fortifiers Garlic and Onions Contain Potential Antiviral Properties
  • Yogurt Aids Gut Health, Which May Positively Affect Immunity
  • Drink More Water

Each Time, we’re focusing on one of the three pillars to improve your overall health and support your immunized system.

  • Sleep was the first pillar of health
  • Food is our second pillar of health for a strong immune system
  • Exercise is the third pillar of health in helping your body fight disease

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